Hey hey! I’m Amanda, a small town girl who’s a sucker for timeless romance.

More importantly, I’m a wedding photographer who makes being in front of the camera a goofy, fun, and super chill experience!

My goal is to create a gallery of images that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of falling in love all over again.

I want your images to give you the butterflies all over again that you felt during in the beginning of your relationship; to transport you back to timeless, sentimental nostalgia.

I believe that everybody deserves to feel butterflies.

You know the people who say they're married to their job?


I'm a workaholic.

I love the beach.

Hot sand, gleaming sun, and cool waves are my happy place. Tan lines are a part of who I am.

And I'm not afraid to show it!
Grande Pike Place, please!

I'm obsessed with coffee.

In Summary...

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