I’m Amanda, a fellow rider and horse lover from Tillsonburg, who just happens to be a professional photographer too!

I’m ALL ABOUT capturing gorgeous horse-and-rider duos. It’s truly one of my favourite things to do (aside from being at the barn, of course!).

When I'm not photographing gorgeous horse-and-human duos, you can find me at home with my nose in the newest Jodi Picoult novel, or hanging out on the farm and enjoying the fresh air (who doesn't love getting a little dirty?!)

Hey y'all!

In the Winter:

hittin' the slopes

Guilty Pleasure:

The Sims 3

take walks around the farm

To Relax:

Homemade brownies

To indulge:


In the Summer:

historical fiction

To Watch:

Coffee with cream

To Drink:

horseback riding
(obviously! 😉)

To do:

favourite things:

Here are a few of my

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