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If you have some serious photographer FOMO because you don’t know where to start with being published, you’re in the right spot.


Hi there!!


If you’re new here, hi! I’m Amanda, a wedding photographer from the small town of Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada! I’m so glad you’re here and are wanting to learn more about the photography industry!


Keep reading for the BEST ways to get your galleries SEEN by wedding blogs and magazines! 👇


1. Research, research, research!


(I know, I know. Don’t hate me.)


This is the #1 thing for a reason. It’s the most important piece of information I could give you.


Every bridal blog or magazine has a specific “style” they like to see. You need to know which publications have a similar style to the gallery you’re submitting. If your gallery doesn’t “go” with their style, it will not be featured on the blog. Period.


Ask yourself this question when researching publications:


What kind of bride am I trying to attract? (Girly and bubbly? Dark and romantic? Sweet and classic? Edgy and unique?) If the publication doesn’t match that style, move on.


If you are scrolling through their front page and feel like your gallery will stick out like a sore thumb, it’s not the right publication for you. Keep going until you find something!


2. Shoot the details!


Publications love to see the DETAILS of a styled shoot or real wedding- so make sure you shoot MORE than enough!


Remember that the publication uses these galleries as inspiration for brides- the brides want to see things like flower colours and combinations, colour palette ideas, hairstyle ideas, makeup inspiration, invitation inspiration, y’know, ALL the things! It’s essentially a Pinterest board.


3. Find your Dream Team!


A styled shoot is only as good as it’s vendors helping to put it together. When looking for vendors, look for people who you would hire for your ACTUAL wedding (or better yet, people you’d love to hire but couldn’t afford to!)


4. Stay positive and keep trying!


If I was published as often as I was rejected, I’d have a LOT more publications on my resume 😂


Rejections are normal, not getting replies at all is normal. It’s just a part of being published! Stick to your list of blogs and magazines that you want to submit to, and keep trying until one of them says “Yes!”


Because, honestly?


That acceptance email is so worth all the work!


Which publication do you DREAM of being published on? Leave a comment and let me know! 👇

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