Five Lightroom Hacks EVERY Photographer Should Know -

Five Lightroom Hacks EVERY Photographer Should Know


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Today I’m going to share with you my five FAVOURITE Lightroom hacks to help streamline your editing process and make life EASIER!


  1. My first and favourite Lightroom trick is to create a new catalog for every session you do.


This is the BEST tip because it helps you to stay organized, keep track of your edits, keep each client’s gallery separate from the others, and you always have that client’s catalog readily available to pull up and keep editing!


  1. Use presets!


Presets are a portrait photographer’s dream come true! Presets are pre-made editing styles, with adjustments already cataloged. All you need to do to edit is click the preset you want to use! Yup, it’s seriously THAT easy! Using presets not only decreases editing time by 75%, but it also helps you to maintain a consistent and cohesive editing style.



  1. Don’t delete!


When you edit in Lightroom and you find a photo that you don’t want to keep (aka culling), DON’T delete it! In Lightroom, there’s a difference between removing a photo from the catalog, and deleting it from the disk. If you delete it from the disk, you risk deleting it forever! In case you change your mind later, you need to make sure you’re right-clicking on the photo, and clicking “Remove photo”, OR hit the “delete” button on your keyboard and specify “Remove” when the popup shows up.


I’m speaking from experience on this one!



  1. Rename your photos


Which filename is more professional?

a) IMG_4862.jpg

b) C&R-12.jpg


If you guessed “b”, you’re correct! When you deliver a gallery to your clients, it absolutely MUST be clean, professional, and feel put-together.


To rename your photos when you’re finished:

  1. Click “Library” at the top panel

2. Select all the images (command + A on a Mac)


3. Click “Library” from the toolbar at the top


  1. Click “Rename Photos”


  1. Select “Custom Settings”, then “Edit”



  1. I recommend choosing a name that identifies the couple or family, like their initials. So for this gallery, I chose T&C-[sequence number] for their file name



  1. Click “Done”
  2. Click “OK”


Done! You’re all good to export!


  1. Use a standard import preset when importing new photos


Y’all this is a GAME 👏 CHANGER 👏


Starting to use a standard import preset is one of the best things I started doing in my editing routine! This preset is automatically applied when your images are imported into Lightroom. You literally don’t have to do anything! How cool is that?!


Because of the lack of control for this preset, it’s meant to be pretty basic. Think of it as the foundation of your edit!


Mine includes a little exposure bump, decreasing the black, increasing the shadows, and decreasing the highlights. It’s also SUPER important to make sure lens corrections are part of this preset to fix distortion in your photo caused by your lens. The coolest part? It automatically detects the make and model of the lens you used!



I hope these tips were super helpful!! What tips would you add to this list? Leave a comment below 👇

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