{Jamaica Destination Wedding Photographer} Sharon and Bob Are Hitched!


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So I’ve been a wedding photographer for a few years now, and now I can officially add “destination wedding photographer” to my resume!

When Sharon reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to accompany her and fiance Bob to Jamaica to be their wedding photographer, I was honestly SHOCKED! Sharon and Bob were so excited for their intimate wedding at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica, and we quickly got to planning out the details of the trip.

January 11th came quickly, and at 6:00 am we filed on the plane to head to Montego Bay!

The first thing Sharon and I did when we got to Sandals South Coast was tour around the resort at sunset to look for the BEST spot for portrait locations. We strolled past the spot where her and Bob would get married in a few days time, grabbed some DELICIOUS jerk chicken and some drinks, and daydreamed about how magical their wedding day was going to be.

The six of us (Sharon, Bob, Kathy the Maid of Honour, Dave the Best Man, Saige my second shooter, and myself) met up for breakfast every morning, and then changed into our swimsuits to chill out either at the pool or by the ocean. As long as the bar was close, we were happy! 🤣

The morning of Tuesday January 14th, aka WEDDING DAY, started out exactly the same. Except instead of heading to the bar, we all went back to our rooms to get ready!

Saige headed over to where Bob and Dave were getting ready, and I hung out with Sharon and Kathy. As we were working our magic, we came up with an idea that would have Bob in stitches and help him relax…

When Bob waited patiently for Sharon to arrive to do their first look, we prepared Dave to be the one doing the first look with Bob 🤣 Bob turned around expecting to see his bride, and saw his Best Man dressed up in a white bedsheet! Those photos are some of my favourites, because I can still hear their bellowing laughter when I look at them. We all had tears in our eyes from laughing!

A few minutes later, we were ready for the real first look, and Sharon looked like a beachy princess in her gorgeous gown from David’s Bridal.

Bob and Sharon were married at sunset on the beach with the crashing waves in the background and their two best friends by their side. What a great way to start an amazing marriage, don’t you think? 💕

The day after their wedding, I put on my bathing suit, and took Bob and Sharon back to the beach at sunset for a hilarious “trash the dress” session. I waded into the water with them, and clicked away as the newlyweds had a splash war. Keep scrolling to see who won 😉

Ahh, wowwwwww!! What an amazing first destination wedding for me! I am so looking forward to my next one!!

Thank you Bob and Sharon for bringing Saige and I along to capture your beautiful wedding in Jamaica!


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