Guest Post: Frequently Asked Questions For The DJ! It’s got to be about that dance floor! {Norfolk County, Ontario Wedding} -

Guest Post: Frequently Asked Questions For The DJ! It’s got to be about that dance floor! {Norfolk County, Ontario Wedding}

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Written by Jordan Gawley of Black Creek Music

There are so many great lists of questions to ask your DJ available online. These questions can be anything from, how long have you been in the wedding entertainment industry to how big is your music library?

The more questions we get asked by a bride and groom the better. We love sharing our knowledge and also, answering questions about the entertainment can lead to amazing conversations that always makes the celebration better.

Clients are most commonly interested in knowing that they can have some control over the set list played at their celebration. There are many trains of thought regarding this question and at Black Creek Music we think we have figured it out! The answer is always yes, but we would love to explain a few more things about this decision! By selecting your own music for the dancing portion of the evening, you will want to make sure a few boxes can be checked off.

Your wedding is a celebration for you and your partner! We would love to make sure the music played at your celebration reflects who you are as an individual and who you are as a couple. Dinner music is the perfect place to have a custom list that you can enjoy spinning the tunes that you love!

Maybe you and your partner have a Sunday tradition listening to acoustic covers and chatting about the upcoming week. Jack Johnson may not be a dance floor hit, but sure works great for dinner music. Maybe you grew up in the 90s and love alternative. The perfect dinner playlist reflecting your favorite artists from the 90s is the perfect choice. Maybe not for the dance floor, but the songs you love can be enjoyed by you and your guests while you enjoy the perfect meal.

When it comes to the dance floor, we love having a few must play bangers from our clients, but enjoy the ability to read the room, take requests and use the momentum of the dance floor to our advantage.

The worst feeling in the world is having a full dance floor and out of the corner of your eye, you notice again the MUST PLAY LIST from your clients which is full of songs that do not encourage dancing. People ask, “why are you playing this song?” Most often than not, if the song is not awesome, it is because the clients have chosen it as a must play prior to their wedding day.

Early in my wedding entertainment journey, Randy of Klassy FM, taught me how he handles song requests during the dance portion of the evening. Randy proudly tells his guests, and so do we, your request must be 1. Recognizable, 2. Appropriate and 3. Danceable! We want your guests smiling, signing along and dancing all night long! There are some amazing songs out there, but if they are not danceable, we should probably keep them where they belong…. In the car for the ride home!

Want to know more about tips to a high energy dance floor and wedding celebration? Contact us today!

Jordan has been providing wedding entertainment service across southern Ontario for 7 years now through his company – Black Creek Music. He is now the proud owner of the Veil and Tie Wedding Expo, The Norfolk Wedding Lounge and his newest venture, Black Creek Limousine. Jordan is a professionally trained Master of Ceremonies and is now available to be personally booked for your celebration through his company – Jordan Gawley Weddings.

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  1. Kathleen Kinzel says:

    I would love to know more details about receptions, dancing …all of it 🙂

    • Amanda Verhoeve says:

      Hey Kathleen! I highly recommend reaching out to Jordan at Black Creek! He is simply fantastic and definitely can help you! 🙂

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