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5 Easy Ways To ROCK Your Engagement Session

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We are officially into engagement and wedding photographer booking season, which means many couples will soon be dazzling in front of the camera!

Being the subjects of a portrait session can be suuuuper nerve-racking, so here are some tips to help you and your partner feel like you’ve done it a hundred times:

1. Know what suits you and your partner.

The purpose of an engagement session is to capture a couple in all of their beauty, and to elucidate who they are as a couple. A couple who loves to hike together may opt to shoot their engagement session in their hiking gear and in the woods, or a couple who loves to try new food might want to shoot at their favourite restaurant.

Make sure you choose outfits and locations that help to tell the story of who you and your partner are. Bringing this custom element into your session will easily make your photos even more special, because they are you!


2. Find a photographer you both vibe with.

Throughout engagement session planning, consultations, meetings, and of course the wedding day, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer!

It’s important to find someone who you both admire their work and get along with. You need to be able to trust the person responsible for your irreplaceable wedding photos. If you are uncomfortable during the engagement session, it will show in the photos.


3. Remember to bring the ring.

Your photographer will want to get glamour shots of your beautiful bling, so make sure you wear or bring it to your engagement session.


4. Natural is better.

Keep your hair, makeup and outfits low-key (unless that’s not you at all). Wearing pastels and solid colours will ensure your photos are simple and timeless.


5. Relax.

Remind yourself that this is an fun experience that you get to enjoy with the love of your life. If you have questions about what to expect, just ask. Take a deep breath. You got this!

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