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Why Should We Book an Engagement Session?

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Engagement sessions are so much fun for both you and your partner, and the photographer!

An engagement session is meant to capture who you are as a couple- are you the fun and goofy type? Or are you more of the traditional type? Either way, we want to emulate who you are through portraits and a meticulously planned portrait session!


Here are three ahhh-mazing reasons why you definitely need to have an engagement session:


You get gorgeous portraits of you two, aside from your glamorous wedding day!

Dress it up or go totally casual! Heck, wear camo if that feels like “you”! You likely won’t have the opportunity to do this on your wedding day, so take advantage of it during your engagement session.


It helps to strengthen your relationship!

Imagine this: You slip on your favourite outfit with those cute new shoes you’ve been needing an excuse to wear, tuck that last strand of hair back, and head out to a stunning location with your partner (who is looking equally show-stopping, by the way). The sun is beginning to set and is at that “sweet” spot of the day where it’s a warm glow just above the horizon line.

You and your favourite person spend the next 1-2 hours twirling, giggling, kissing, teasing each other, dancing, cuddling, holding hands, and ultimately being sooo in love. Now imagine all of that being captured by a photographer who LOVES love, and lives to photograph couples just like you!

You wrap up your evening by treating yourselves to your go-to restaurant, sip local craft beer and wine, and chat about what a riot your engagement session was! Basically, your engagement session is a date night. But better 😉


It gets you comfortable in front of the camera!

It’s true that you will be spending loooooots of time with your photographer, between consultations, emailing back and forth, Q&A phone calls, and so much more! But being comfortable with your photographer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be comfortable being the star of the show in front of a camera. I get it- even I am a little awkward getting my photo taken 🤦‍♀️ Being nervous is totally normal, and your photographer probably expects you to be a little bit nervous!

Engagement sessions are a great opportunity for you and your partner to get familiarized with the feeling of being in front of the camera BEFORE your big day! 1-2 hours is all you need to know exactly what to expect from your photographer, and for your photographer to get to know you two better too! By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll be confident- and dare I say, even EXCITED- during your portrait time. Helloooo new profile pic 😉


When is the right time to plan your engagement session?


As an organized, Type “A” person, it’s never too early to start planning! If you are thinking of using your engagement photos for Buck and Doe tickets, Save the Date cards or anything that’s time sensitive, the earlier you plan it, the better! Save the Dates are usually sent out 8-12 months before the wedding date, so keep this in mind while engagement session planning. (Side note: Save the Date cards are included with engagement sessions with me! 😉)

You could do your engagement session 18 months before your wedding, or even the day before! The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you share that experience together. You will only have one engagement session!



When you’re planning your engagement session keep these questions in mind: ⁠⠀
Think about your life 50 years from now- who will be seeing these photos? How do you want the beginning of your marriage to be remembered? What message do you want to convey to your future and current family members through these photos? ⁠⠀

Your engagement photos are SO much more than just some “nice photos”- they are a celebration of your relationship, and they are a family keepsake. This is why quality images that you LOVE are SO important!

Still on the fence? Check out what one of my 2020 brides, Laura, has to say about her engagement session experience!


What did the experience of the engagement session feel like to you and Matt?

The experience felt very natural. We were both a bit uncomfortable with the idea of having numerous pictures of us taken, but you put as at ease almost immediately and that clammy nervous feeling disappeared instantly!


What were your expectations for your session and how did the engagement session compare to those expectations?

I think we were both expecting the session to be long and dare I say it, boring! It was the EXACT opposite. Our session flew by, we were laughing and smiling the entire time. It was so enjoyable for us.

What was the most enjoyable part of the experience?

The most enjoyable part was honestly getting to know you better than our emails and phone calls. It was also quite fun to goof around with Matt 🙂


What would you say to couples who are on the fence about booking an engagement session?

To the couples who are on the fence about booking an engagement session, I would say put your hesitation to the side! It is so beneficial, not only for the beautiful pictures you will have to reflect back on, but it will help you get a sense of how your wedding day is going to be! It’s a good little mental prep. PLUS, you get that time with your photographer, and that time is so freaking worth it.


Generally speaking, why is an engagement session beneficial for a couple?

An engagement session is beneficial for a couple for so many reasons. The first one being the gorgeous pictures you’ll have, the memories will last a lifetime! It helps you and your partner bond – Matt and I laughed A LOT. You also get a sense of how your photographer operates. You were very professional but also a real human. It was comforting to have your guidance and your support with everything.

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