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A Perfect Snowy Proposal {Blue Mountain, Ontario Proposal}


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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… I have the BEST. JOB. EVER!!!

Back in November, Greg told me he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Kristen while on vacation at Blue Mountain. He asked if I would be willing to photograph him proposing, and of COURSE I said yes!

Last Sunday, I drove up to Blue Mountain Village and prepared to shoot. Greg and I planned on me pretending to be hired by Blue Mountain to take photos of people on Family Day weekend enjoying the Village.

I waited by the pond for Greg, Kristen, and their friends to walk towards me. I put my acting skills to use and said, “Hey guys! I’m taking photos of people in the Village enjoying Family Day weekend, can I take your photo?”

I took a shot of the group of them, then took Greg and Kristen to do some couple photos, just for fun. For one of the poses, I had them stand back-to-back a few feet apart, and then turn towards each other and give each other a big hug. I gave them the signal to turn toward each other, and that’s when Kristen turned around and saw Greg down on one knee with a gorgeous engagement ring in his hand.

Kristen was completely shocked and had absolutely NO idea that Greg was going to propose!

Not only did Greg and Kristen get engaged, but they got engaged on their two year anniversary! Such a special day for a very special couple ❤️

Happy wedding planning, you two!

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