How To Know If A First Look Is Right For You -

How To Know If A First Look Is Right For You

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First looks are soooo trendy in the wedding industry right now, and it’s pretty easy to see why!

A first look is a part of the wedding day where the couple gets to see each other for the first time before the ceremony. It is normally scheduled after everyone is finished getting ready. It’s a beautiful, emotional, private moment shared between the couple (with the photographers in the background quietly capturing everything 😉).

Why do a first look?

There’s many reasons to do a first look! Couples like doing first looks because they can share the special moment of seeing each other for the first time, and not have to worry about their guests seeing their reactions. If you’re a crier, a first look might be a good idea for you!

If you were to see each other for the first time at the ceremony, you could lose the opportunity to soak in the moment. Walking down the aisle can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience, so with a first look, all you have to think about is being so in love with your partner.

First looks can help you relax before the ceremony too! Sometimes getting the “big reveal” over with sooner than later helps take the pre-ceremony nerves away, because you can relax and have fun with your partner and wedding party.

If you have any questions about a first look, leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Hope you found this helpful!

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